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l'association se réinvente, change de nom et de statut.

Vous trouverez dorénavant les informations à jour du projet sur

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A bientôt

The project is to animate places where to be Collectively Creative.

The association's vocation is therefore:

To ensure the associative management of places of life, creation and production,

To invent and document sustainable methods of transition and local autonomy,

To support experimentation and training around the transition, social tri-articulation, ...

Occupy and regenerate post-industrial buildings.

We share a place, and freely choose the creativity of our twenty-four hours.

We believe in a sustainable rurality and believe an essential anchorage in the concrete and the local.

We resonate in a calm relationship to work, rhythms, motivations and privilege meaning to form, action to representation.

We are activists and are looking for those moments of collective intelligence that give meaning to our lives.

Initiated in 2008 at the Fourmilière of Ales by Thierry and Martina, the project took a new boom in 2012 with the purchase by the association of a place in Bessèges. Over the years, hundreds of people have experienced the adventure and the project has evolved in its modalities, but has remained the same in its goals: To participate in the emergence of Collective and Creative dynamics.

The project for 2012 was entitled "Habitat groupé participatif". The western part of the building could thus become a grouped habitat, the other part being managed by the association which runs workshops, trainings and a nursery of activities around the themes mentioned above.



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La serre 2020

En 2020, et en lien avec l'abattage du chene mort, j'ai démonté la serre 2019 et en ai reconstruit une rapidement avec la bache usagée, l'armature de 2016 et les cables du jardin suspendu.

La serre 2019

En 2019, et dans le cadre de l'atelier de construction alu, j'ai monté une serre de 7 m X 3 m au jardin qui est restée en place et nous a été bien utile jusqu'en Février 2020.


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