Le fonctionnement

We strive to develop continuously with the members present on the site and to document on this platform a function that is comprehensible, organic, reproducible, effective and pleasant ...

Some principles were at the basis of the project:

  •      shared governance with weekly board meetings,
  •      a collective canteen assumed in turn,
  •      a contribution from the participants to the running costs,
  •      three levels of commitment (Motor, Actor, Visitor),
  •      a participatory financing system,
  •      private spaces,
  •      community spaces and a mutualisation of vehicles, tools, ...
  •      an open mind and place,
  •      a search for autonomy and happy sobriety,
  •       ...

You will find here the advances of our reflection and the elements of sharing on the various subjects, which are also the few rules and rituals that we propose to our visitors to join.



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