Détails des Paf

Details of fee-based contributions by type of Member (and hence commitment).

Below are some rules to better understand all this:

  •     Meals and accommodation are free from 0 to 6 years and half-rate from 6 to 12 years.
  •     Breakfast is available for full board.
  •     We practice reduced rates (Active Members) for people engaged in participatory or low-income working.
  •     Outside the child / teen workshops, minors are under the responsibility of their parents.
  •     These participations (excluding contributions) can be invoiced on request, without VAT, with a deposit of 20%.
  •     Membership, which is reserved for natural persons, is subject to the co-optation of the Board and to the payment of a contribution.
  •     The annual contribution is required for the Assets and Engines.
  •     Half contribution for minors.
  •     The workshops, the reception and the restoration are animated voluntarily and by reservation by the Active members and Motors.
  •     A training and co-opting cycle is required to become an Active or Motor Member.
  •     Three weeks of training are organized during the year. They start every second Monday of the months of April, July and September at 9 am.

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