La Canteen

Opened on reservation (5 people minimum), the associative canteen of the CCC proposes bio-vegetarian meals of season, in copious buffet with, among others, garden produce biodynamie / permaculture, local, organic, of season...

At first especially intended to mutualize the cooking(kitchen) within the group pioneer, the canteen opened little by little to the visitors and other people wishing to take advantage of a meal bio-vegetarian of season, gastronomic, in pleasant place and friendly. The functioning remained collective, a board allows each to join as person in charge helps or (every member,  guest is warmly invited to take his tour). The canteen is managed by the members of council. The meals are prepared, voluntarily and in tour of roles, by the Members Actors and Motors.

We consider it as gastronomic as far as the term "canteen" is not enough to evoke the quality of products, the variety of dishes and their abundance. Garden produce is used first and foremost, others are supplied by local producers...

The canteen is proposed Tuesdays and Thursdays noons from 12 am till 2 pm, on reservation. In the evening and the other days on reservation when there are more than 5 dinner guests, accommodated in the CCC, from 12 am till 2 pm and from 7 pm till 9 pm.

A participation at the expense of 10€ is asked for the at will gastronomic buffets and of 6 € for the simple meals, with the possibility of reduced rate for them very low incomes.



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