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What is voluntary return assistance?

A foreigner in an irregular situation in France may request financial and material assistance to return voluntarily to his country.

Return assistance can be granted to foreigners in an irregular situation who wish to leave France to return to their country. This is financial and material assistance paid on departure to facilitate reintegration into the country of origin.

Their return to the country must be voluntary and not be a forced return organized by the French administration.

To receive a return assistance, you must

to be in an irregular situation,
never have received return assistance (so you can only receive one payment),
to be still in France,
reside in France for at least 6 months,
and want to return voluntarily to his country of origin.

This is particularly the case for foreigners subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF). On the other hand, people under a prefectural deportation order, which is a forced return, can not ask for this help.

Return assistance includes:

administrative and material assistance to prepare the trip (booking tickets, obtaining travel documents ...),
a payment of transport costs, the amount depends on the country of return,
and financial assistance in the form of a lump sum allowance.

The amount of financial assistance depends on the country of origin and the number of persons belonging to the same family leaving France.
Amount of the lump sum allowance



National of a country of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Monaco or San Marino

50 €

National from another country without visa to enter France or Kosovo

300 €

Other cases

650 €

Exceptionally, the management of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii) may decide to grant an increase in this financial assistance. This increase can reach 350 € per person.

This increase can not be granted to nationals:

from a country of the European Union or the European Economic Area,
from another country without a visa to enter France,
from Switzerland, Monaco or San Marino or Kosovo.

A person from a non-European country and not exempt from a visa can therefore receive a total of € 1,000 (flat-rate grant of € 650 + increase of € 350).

The aid is paid in one go, at the time of departure.

To request a return assistance, you must print and fill out a form.

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